Peonies and Milk is an official Pure & Original stockist which features a variety of specialty paints from Belgium. These products can be shipped to your doorstep by clicking the ‘Shop’ links below. You will be redirected to our affiliate Pure & Original website.

We are also a stockist for the Jeanne d’Arc Living Vintage Paint supplies from Denmark, featuring their variety of colored waxes, metallic paints, varnishes & tools.

These paints and supplies are available 7 days a week at Peace by Piece Co. in Swansea, IL. Click here for their store information.

We are excited to announce our NEW partnership with Amy Howard at Home! This line offers several products that we love for adding special details to our projects to enhance them! Check out the full product line here but of course let us know if you have any questions.

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Classico Chalk Paint

Classico is a chalk based paint and creates a powdery, equal matte finish. Our chalk based paint has a great adherence and coverage, ideal for walls and furniture. Classico is made with respect for human and nature (VOC <30), all rich colors are made with mineral pigments only. Although Classico is washable, for high-traffic or high-moisture areas, we recommend finishing with Dead Flat Eco Sealer, Liquid Italian Wax or our Jeanne d’Arc Living Solid Wax. This will give additional protection, is easily cleanable and will give you the smooth finished look you are striving for. Below are a few of our favorite colors.

Washable Licetto Paint

This practical paint has a very matte appearance and is highly washable. Walls become resistant to dirt, moisture, or other stains. Additionally, Licetto is extremely scratch-resistant and is not prone to shiny areas from spot cleaning. 

Licetto contains no solvents and 0% VOCs. The full properties of the paint, as with most paints, will appear after approximately seven days and the paint is washable after two weeks. Because of the washable properties, Licetto is also suitable for the use in the kitchen and bathroom.

Licetto is our second preferred paint for use on cabinets and we highly recommend ordering the tinted WallPrim as a base coat for best adherence and evenness.

Carazzo Floor Paint

Carazzo universal floor paint is an ultra-durable, silk-matte, water-based, floor-paint but also an excellent finish for staircases and other high-traffic surfaces like kitchen cabinet-doors, commercial projects, doors and more. No top coat required. Traditionally made with respect for the environment and safety of the users.

Carazzo is: Superstrong, Scratch resistant, Scrub-proof, Washable, Skin fat resistant

It is applicable to concrete, wood, stairs, doors, window frames, furniture and more.

Provides high adhesion. Highly durable.

Carazzo is our preferred paint for use on cabinets and we highly recommend ordering the clear Carazzo Prim as a primer/stain blocker and for best adherence and evenness.

Fresco Lime Paint

 Fresco Lime Paint is an all natural, 100% mineral paint composed of slaked lime and natural pigments meeting the most stringent environmental requirements. Due to its naturally high pH, lime-paint is mold– and bacteria resistant.

Fresco results in an aged, natural look with unique shades and aesthetic strokes adding depth and beauty to any space, producing interiors that are calm and luminous.

Due to the lime the color of Fresco, in general, may appear lighter and a bit more grey-ish than the colors on the general color card. However, a finishing product will intensify (darken) the color.

Marrakech Paint

With the ready-mixed Marrakech Walls, having a concrete-like wall has come within reach. The application of Marrakech Walls paint is quite easy to adopt and way less labor intensive than Venetian Plaster. Suitable for DIY! 

We recommend creating a sample board before the final application; it helps to practice and to decide on which finish/method you prefer.

If you are not comfortable to DIY, we would be happy to provide this finish for you through our custom services.

Due to the amount of lime the color of Marrakech Walls, in general, may appear lighter than the colors on the general color card. However, a finishing product like Italian Wax will intensify (darken) the color.

Italian Wax

This natural, liquid, transparent wax is an excellent product to provide a subtle sheen on to cabinets, tables, wood, stone, concrete, chalk based paint or as a high gloss shine to Marrakech Walls.

Apply Italian Wax with a lint-free cotton cloth for a matte finish or polish it to a high gloss.

– Water repellent (2 layers), suitable for wet rooms.
– A 100 mineral product
– No VOC
– Easy to clean
– Easy to apply

Dead Flat Eco Sealer

For high traffic areas or high humidity areas (for example in the bathroom,
around the kitchen sink) it is recommended to provide extra protection.

Dead Flat Ecosealer is a matte, transparent and washable sealer.
Application: apply 2 or 3 thin, diluted with about 25% water, coats with a brush and not with a roller to prevent air bubbles. Leave 12 hours drying time in between coats.

Usage on Fresco and Marrakech Walls: Let the lime fully cure for a couple days, for dark colors a curing time 7 days is recommended to avoid the risk of a white haze. Avoid thick layers, dilute well.

Sea Salt Pure and Original | Peonies and Milk

Sea Salt


Silk White


Milk White


Warm White




Skin Powder


Old Linen




Wild Garlic


Old Flax


Elephant Skin


Tin Kettle


Coffee Cream


Soft Taupe


Blue Stone


Majestic Cloth


Blue Reef


Olive Drab


Smoked Steel




Pure & Original

Project Highlight

This quaint china cabinet in a French Provincial style adds a touch of whimsy with its black and white striped fabric lining and pale blue chalk paint. It is finished with clear wax and includes original hardware with gold gilding. This china cabinet was finished in the Pure and Original Duck Egg and then distressed with a clear wax.