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Kay & Kelly

About Us

In September 2015, we embraced a dream to make the world a happier place and embarked on an adventure to open a pop-up boutique. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and partnerships with established local retailers flourished. As the excitement and our sense of fulfillment grew, March 2017 seemed like the perfect time to open the doors of our first showroom, located in Albers, Illinois. Since then, our love of the boutique life has grown making it an easy decision to move to Downtown O’Fallon, Illinois. We are delighted that you are joining us on this journey and hope you will give us the opportunity to make your life and home a little brighter!

How we got

Our Name

Peonies are a classic, luscious flower that grew lovingly in our mother, grandmother and great-grandmother’s gardens. The sweet smell and graceful colors transport us back in time and into the happy memories we shared with those incredible women. Milk represents our affinity for the simple and beautiful features of milk glass. While occasionally referred to as a trend, this semi translucent collection has been a favorite of numerous members and generations of our family.