Boutique Closing

Boutique Closing

Hi Everyone, Kelly and Kay here at Peonies and Milk.


We wanted to personally share an update with you on a change to our boutique.  Some of you know that we have been struggling with managing both the retail boutique and the high demand of our custom painting services.  We love our boutique, but it is a different beast, and is costly to maintain.  The traffic flow has been lower than we anticipated. With that said we feel that it is best to give you an open and honest picture and tell you that we currently cannot afford to keep the boutique open at its current location without continuing to use the funds from our custom work to fill the financial gap.   With our hearts invested in the boutique and pop-up style markets, we are trying to find a more budget-friendly option to continue, we just have not found it yet.  So, for now we have decided to close the boutique and concentrate on the custom.   When we do you all will be the first to know! So, stay plugged in because you never know what will come next! And in the meantime, we will be throwing it back and hitting up a few of our favorite vintage markets again which we will share on our website and social media pages.


With that said, we invite you to come and shop with us one last time at our boutique on State Street next Tuesday through Saturday, April 9th-13th.  Tuesday and Wednesday 12-4, Thursday 12-7 and Friday and Saturday 10-4 with discounts up to 40%.  Keep in mind that we do offer delivery services if needed and all sales are final.


On a high note, we have been so overwhelmed with the number of clients looking for a helping hand updating their furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, feature walls, etc.  It is a blessing we were not expecting and one that we are extremely grateful for.  We are excited that with these changes it means that we will be able to get through MORE custom projects in a shorter amount of time! This means SHORTER WAIT TIMES FOR YOU!


We can never thank you enough for welcoming us into your homes, lives and hearts and we hope that you will continue to enjoy this journey with us because this is just the beginning of another chapter.


Blessings to all,

Kelly and Kay

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