Dreams Come True

Peonies & Milk Owners

Dreams Come True

Peonies & Milk OwnersDo you ever wake up and want to pinch yourself because your dreams are coming true?  Worked to the bone, tired beyond belief, yet, have an overwhelming feeling of how life is so wonderful?  This is how we feel.  We dreamt that someday we would have a successful business, a small boutique where we could share our love of “all things vintage”.  Well, 2 ½ years later we are here and it is such a surreal feeling.  The fact that we get to work together, Mother and Daughter, and make all things around us beautiful is truly our dream come true!  Oh, there are many bumps in the road, definitely taking on too much at times, but every single second is worth it.  We have been blessed with family and friends that have supported us and worked tirelessly beside us. Our clients are the most wonderful people that usually turn into friendships for which we are grateful, and we meet more of you Every. Single. Day! YOU are what keeps us going. YOU are what motivates us. YOU make all of the blood, sweat and tears (literally!) completely worth it!

Since opening the boutique in O’Fallon, Illinois on January 20, 2018, we have been able to bring in new design elements that we hope will bring smiles to our clients faces and warm their homes.  We handpick or hand design every single item that comes into our store hoping to keep an eclectic style so that there is something for everyone; and it is our hope that we inspire everyone who walks through our door.

If you are waiting on starting YOUR dream, don’t delay.  They say that if your dream doesn’t scare you then you are not dreaming big enough!  Start doing, keep dreaming, and whatever else you do, just don’t stop; you never know where it will take you.

Until next time,

Kay and Kelly

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